Munich International School Goes Live

MIS Live is not your average news station. Located in a small classroom filled with Mac computers on the outskirts of Munich, the station is comprised of students from the Munich International School’s Middle School — a co-ed institution dedicated to helping students achieve their greatest potential. For the team of MIS Live, that potential comes in the form of budding journalists and broadcasters, creating exciting and remarkably professional news show for their school community.

Students of the MIS Middle School, grades 5 to 8, are using their after school time in a unique way, thanks to an after school program called TV News Station. Gathering together facts, pictures, events, interviews, and information from around the MIS campus community, this group of talented and outgoing students write and edit scripts, cut movies and produce their own live TV news program. Calling themselves MIS Live, the students cover everything from class field trips, to sports, school gossip, and the latest tech gadgets on campus, and deliver the news straight to their peers in weekly broadcasts.

The students of MIS Live not only learn the ins and outs of TV production and live broadcast software, but also the advantages of working as a team and the importance of relationship building. To make each MIS Live broadcast a success, the students must work together to complete their assignments and overcome the many hurdles of live TV. “The process of capturing the news video usually requires several tries and a dose of patience and good humor, as the students do everything from writing the scripts to directing the software,” says Pia. “But in the end it’s worth it to see the sense of pride and accomplishment on each of their faces once their broadcasts go live.”

Photo credits: © Fotolia 2016/ micromonkey