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Values of Morning Announcements

Almost every school has daily announcements in the morning. It’s a ritual that has been followed for several years, but why is it so important? What use does this monotonous recitation of local and school news have for the students and staff?

Well, the most obvious answer to those questions is to keep the members of the school informed. Morning announcements consist of local news, current happenings in the school, sports news, and even the lunch menu for the day. It’s a great way for students to start their day and the staff as well.

Another important reason for morning announcements is to keep the students interested in academics and extracurricular activities. Knowing what’s in store for the day and being informed on upcoming events keeps students more interested and improves the chances of them being more involved in these events.

Besides this, students who are involved in the production of morning announcements learn a lot of new things like journalism basics, how to handle a camera, and how to record videos. It’s a fantastic way to boost their knowledge and interests.

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