Munich International School Goes Live

MIS Live is not your average news station. Located in a small classroom filled with Mac computers on the outskirts of Munich, the station is comprised of students from the Munich International School’s Middle School — a co-ed institution dedicated to helping students achieve their greatest potential. For the team of MIS Live, that potential […]

Thinking, Laughing and Thinking Some More with mimoLive

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Peter Young has been an internet expert since 1973, when the internet was still called ARPANET. His computer career began with ARPANET, and then he graduated to ALOHAnet, the first wireless packet data network available to the public. He then did some computer networking on MILNET, a branch of ARPANET that specialized in the United […]

Best Business News for Students at the University of Guelph, Canada

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Dr. Trent Tucker, a professor at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, creates two-minute news shorts for his students. The series, titled “Business News This Week,” reinforces Dr. Tucker’s class theme, #thinkbiz, which asks students to consider the business implications of everything they do in their day-to-day lives. “I can create a 2-minute video […]

Live morning news in Manor Independent School District, Texas

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Five elementary schools in Manor Independent School District in Texas are brightening up their mornings with student-run news shows to deliver announcements to the student body. The schools, which include Manor Elementary, Pioneer Crossing Elementary and Decker Elementary, each host their own show, and each has its own unique personality thanks to its anchors. At […]

How do students at Fryeburg Academy create, learn and tell stories?

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Fryeburg Academy, a day and boarding school in Maine, is an independent preparatory school that prides itself on providing a supportive yet challenging environment for its students. The Academy believes its strong school community fosters learning and growth in all of its students, and its comprehensive co-curriculum cultivates generations of students who graduate well prepared […]