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Morning Announcements are a fundamental staple in every school across the country. If you ask school going students about them, many will tell you that morning announcements are also the most ritualized aspect of their school lives. They are obligatory and in most cases perfunctory. Teachers realize this on some level and do not give it much importance for the same reason. Small wonder that many of them have not sat down and considered what an extraordinary opportunity this little routine presents to get the students involved, interested in academics and extracurricular activities, infuse the hierarchy of the school structure with more community and free thought, and prepare the students for the life that awaits them once they graduate high school.

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Great Morning Announcements in your School

You might wonder and ask yourself, if you as a teacher or an interested student can do anything, to introduce a modern form of morning announcements to your school. The answer is: yes, you can.

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Once everything is set up, do not expect your students to become stars overnight. It will take some training, fumbling and good natured encouragement from their peers and staff till they get it right. Make sure you pick students who have the poise and flare for being on camera. They will usually learn the ropes pretty quickly and become better at presenting. During post production and editing for non-live broadcasts, you could involve the more tech-savvy students who would likely be more than willing to help. All of this put together will create a more personal announcement that is full of creativity and life. It is a great way to modernize and usher this age old routine into the 21st century.

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